What Is Tooth Decay And How To Prevent It

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Tooth decay happens when the enamel on a person’s teeth erodes. This is usually caused by the bacteria in plaque. Read our blog shopping wochen de for more information. Plaque is sticky film that constantly forms as person consumes food throughout the day. When sugars interact with those bacteria, it produces acids that attack tooth enamel.

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As previously mentioned, sugars cause the erosion of tooth enamel when combined with plaque. So, it might stand to reason that tooth decay is caused by eating sugary foods like candy and sweetened drinks like kool aid. But, the answer is a bit more complex than that.

To begin with, there are a number of “healthy” foods that can also contribute to tooth decay. Fruits and vegetables that are high in natural sugars can introduce sugar to the bacteria, setting in motion the reaction that cause erosion. Too much acid can negatively affect the pH level in the mouth, causing a process caused called demineralization.  Real Estate Lawyer New NY


Acids can so severely erode the important minerals, like calcium, that make up enamel, that they dissolve parts of the tooth entirely. These dissolved areas of the tooth are called cavities. This process is called demineralization.

Considering that the acid caused by plaque erodes enamel, it stands to reason that other acids can produce the same effect. Therefore, acidic foods like citrus, tomatoes, and even apples can supply enough acid to erode enamel. 

Some conditions that cause this include acid reflux, gerd, and more chronic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. 

As you can see, preventing tooth decay is not as simple as avoiding sugary foods.

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How To Keep The PH In The Mouth At A Healthy Level

Following are 5 daily steps that can help prevent plaque build up and tooth decay:

· First, and most obvious, brush daily (preferably 2 or more times a day) to clear out bacteria and acid that may be forming. 

· Second, drink plenty of water. This helps boost your saliva by washing away any sugars that may be remaining.

· Third, limit snacking between meals. This cuts down on opportunities for bacteria to form.

· Fourth, consider adding probiotics to the diet. These powerful microbes work to combat harmful bacteria.

· Fifth, and also seemingly obvious, cut out sugary and acidic foods from your diet. This will stop feeding bacteria build up.

Of course, it goes without saying, that regular visits to the dentist should also be an important part of any dental care routine. Regular cleanings and exams allow dentists to access the health of their patients teeth.

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What if the Dentist Finds Tooth Decay?

If the cavity is caught early, a dentist may be able to treat it with a fluoride paste. Because cavities can progress quickly, even with regular dental visits, this may not always be an option. If the decay has already progressed beyond this point, the other treatments, considered restorative care, are used to prevent further decay.

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The most common types of restorative dental treatment include fillings, crowns and root canals

Fillings – This is the simplest option. In this scenario, the dentist drills out the decayed part of the tooth and fills it with a substance, like amalgam, to restore the surface of the tooth.

Crowns – A type of restoration that covers the entire portion of the tooth if it was chipped, cracked, or deeply eroded. 

Root Canals – This is used with the root, or pulp, of the tooth has become infected. Our blog shopping wochen de explains this further. 

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Orthodontics is a form of treatment that can restore irregularities in the teeth. This is an especially important piece of dental care if teeth have become misaligned due to other tooth decay or restorative methods.

If the decay has caused further damage to the aesthetic or function of the mouth. If you find yourself in this position, contact a cosmetic dentist or aesthetic dentistry program in NYC today. Not acting today could cause further deterioration of your mouth.

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